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Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse often faced in decision-making of treatment that led to the ethical dilemma problem. There were 4 factors that influence ethical action related ethical dilemma namely: (1) ethical sensitivity; (2) ethical judgment; (3) ethical motivation; and (4) ethical character. The purpose of this study was to find the relationship between 4 factor with ethical action of Nurses in ICU of Dr. Hasan Sadikin Hospital. This study design was used  descriptive correlation. Using the Formula of Thumb, a number of 48 ICU nurses were included in this study. Data was collected using self-administered questionnaire to ICU nurse which is consisting of demographic data, Moral Action Scale and Ethical Action Scale. The Rank Spearman analysis was indicated  that there was a correlation between ethical sensitivity and  ethical action in the face of ethical dilemma nurses (p = 0.038). Further, there were no correlation between ethical judgment, motivation, character and ethical action (p=0.697; p=0.902; p=0.480, respectively). Although it was showed  there were no correlation, the  three variables  have a negative correlation value (r=-0.058;r=-0.07;r=-0.105), it was mean that the higher of  value variables the lower perform of ethical actions. Ethical sensitivity is a factor that affects the ethical action decision-making. Future research is necessary to identify other factors leading to and inhibiting ethical action with larger sample.


Dilemma of Ethics, Ethical Action, ICU Nurse

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