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A Surgery refers to an invasive medical procedure which is initiated due to diagnoses and treatments for illnesses, injuries, and deformities. In most occasions, surgeries are commonly preceded by particular emotional reactions, one of which is anxiety. Following the presence of anxiety, psycho-physiology changes apply to an individual, which provides a barrier to the progression of an operation. Religious music therapy is one of the non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions promoting a reduction of preoperative anxiety which benefits from the spiritual approach and relaxing music components. This study was aimed to identify the effect of religious music on the reduction of preoperative anxiety. The research method used in this study was quasi-experiment with one group pre-posttest design for data collection. Measuring instruments used to determine the level of anxiety of respondents are Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HARS) with short questions grouped into 14 individual symptoms of anxiety. 15 hospitalized preoperative patients were involved and chosen with guidelines on purposive sampling design, in accordance with inclusion criteria. The obtained data were analyzed by a non-parametric analysis, paired sample t-test. Religious music therapy included songs that were listened to within duration of at least up to 20 minutes in total, and it was initiated at the point before and after preoperative anxiety assessment that was adapted from HARS. According to paired sample t-test, religious music therapy resulted in significant changes of anxiety level, from severe anxiety (average score of 30, 13) to the level of absence anxiety (average score of 5,589) with the p-value of 0,000 (<0, 05). In summary, religious music therapy is effective in reducing preoperative anxiety in a surgical ward of Cibabat Cimahi General Provincial Hospital. In the basis of this research, religious music therapy is worth recommending and applicable to reduce patient’s anxiety as a complementary therapy in terms of non-pharmacological anxiety management.


anxiety, preoperative patients, religious music therapy

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