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Background: Situational low self esteem is a negative self-assessment that occur in certain circumstances condition due to the stressor. Stressors could impact for psychological young adults, being unemployed is the focal stimulus that causes ineffective behaviors such as low of self esteem. Situational low self esteem need to be addressed by providing them with Assertive Training (AT) which is combined with the Therapeutic Group Therapy (TKT). In this study was used Adaptation Model and Stress Adaptation Model Objective: to stabilize adaptive coping mechanisms and to modify maladaptive behaviors. Method; . Queasy experiment was addressed on 12 young adults in community. Results: The analysis shown decreasing signs and symptoms of situational low self esteem ans increasing the ability young adults to stimulated the stage of development and capacity-assertive. Conclusion and recommendation: Peer support and family support could help unemployed young adults to improve self esteem. Health Community should provide counseling and facilitate young adults to stabilize the adaptive behavior that has been learned.


Young adults, Assertive Training, Situational Low Self-esteem

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